About Us

Hi, welcome to the blog!

This is our “About Us” page, and we know that the vast majority of our readers are intimately aware of who we are – what up Mahoneys! But does anyone really know who they are? So bear with us here, since this page is really as much for us as it is for you.

I’m Savannah (on the right) and that’s my cousin Aidan beside me. We’re both in that post-grad/pre-continuing education stage of our lives, where we have no cares or commitments. So when better to pack the absolute minimum (guitar and massive camera included of course, which we may come to regret as we trek through the Andes…) and fly to some distant land? So as not to feel completely disconnected from the academic life of writing papers, we’ve [Savannah] decided to keep a blog. [Hi Aidan here – I, however, am more than happy to relish in my commitmentless life, but I may interject from time to time. Savannah has a tendency to use “alternative facts”.]

Neither of us can pinpoint the actual moment we decided to go on this trip [Lies! I just told her when and why but she decided that this post was long enough already], but it’s fair to say that this adventure has been in the works for quite some time. See, we were born a month [and a day] apart to identical twin fathers, essentially making us half sisters (yeah, wrap your mind around that [genetics, bitch!]), but unlike many sisters I know, we actually get along. Both of us are fairly experienced travellers in our own right, although I fully expect that we will experience many a mishap along the way (which will then of course be translated into entertaining blog posts). Aidan spent a year abroad at a German university, and took full advantage of the cheap transportation available and traveled around much of Western Europe. I skived off school around the same time to spend a few months in Indonesia and Thailand, and have been longing to strap on my pack again ever since I took it off back in Canada.

Choosing South America as our destination was essentially the result of a process of elimination. Aidan had done Europe, and I had Southeast Asia covered. Not that either of us wouldn’t go back in an instant (I still dream of the rolling hills of northern Thailand), but I think we both wanted to experience something completely novel. Africa is scary [is what our fathers have tried to condition us to think… Sorry papa Keith, but it’s still on the list]. Antarctica is just ice and penguins. And then we google image searched Patagonia and there was nothing left to discuss.

Well actually that’s a complete lie – there was so much to discuss! Where to go, for how long, what to bring… Our many forms of long distance communication (text, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram direct messages…) all got clogged with outlandish travel plans. Aidan cleverly started a google doc for our trip, and that rapidly devolved into a place where we wrote long lists and passages with a loose¬†travel theme. And with that, this blog was conceived!¬†We hope you enjoy it, and at the very least use it to take solace in the fact that we still haven’t fallen in a volcano.


Savannah [and Aidan]