Wrapping Up

Its been a month and half since Aidan and I returned to Canada. So that would be a month and a half of me guiltily thinking about my lack of blogging, especially since I had a story half written by the time we got on our plane home. It was a day-by-day account of our last real adventure – by far the most intense yet. We trekked for 9 days straight, climbed 4 mountains, covered over 180 kilometres, and ended up at Machu Picchu! It was such a wild undertaking (seriously, guides with mules kept stopping us to ask if we were truly doing the whole trek unassisted) that I felt compelled to make it my best post yet. So I procrastinated, and got distracted (I was home again with unlimited internet – the true motivation killer!)
The story will get written – it’s just too great an adventure to be kept to ourselves – but until then, here’s an update on our lives. Like the jet setters we are, Canada couldn’t keep us for long. Aidan only stayed a week before taking off to Israel on her birthright trip (which you can do if you if you’re technically Jewish – apparently eating bacon and celebrating Christmas aren’t exclusionary factors). I left for Europe just a couple of weeks later, and explored Finland and Iceland with my family. This trip was pure luxury compared to our way of travel in Latin America. Rooms that came with sheets and towels, bathrooms with toilet paper included (2ply!), beds instead of forest floor… Never mind the fact that every home in Finland has a sauna, and every home in Iceland has a hottub! I made it a point to always carry the food pack on our day hikes, to at least maintain some integrity as a hardened trekker.

I asked Aidan to send me a picture of her in Israel, and this is what she sent… The human form of the Star of David!

The Seely-Mahoney clan breaks for lunch after scaling a volcano

So now we’re back in the real world. Just kidding! The adventures won’t stop for us, although we’ll be writing this next chapters of our lives separately (cue separation anxiety attack). Aidan’s going to the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in the new year (a real pity she didn’t have these skills after our treks in SA); she should be out and practicing by 2023. I’ve got another year before I head back to school, and the travel bug is still biting hard. Northern Canada and Southern Spain are both incredibly appealing, as is South Africa, Italy, Mars… Stay tuned!

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