The Day We Became Bus People

Our week in Buenos Aires was incredible, but it was time for us to head down south and start exploring Patagonia. Fellow travellers had been raving about the treks around Bariloche, so unofficial backpacking rules mandated that that be our next stop. What came as a surprise (somewhat ironically to a pair of Canadians) was how massive this country actually is! Bariloche lies In the foothills of the Andes, and to get to it we had to cross the vast Argentinian plateau. Our penny pinching ways ruled out air travel, so we headed to the bus station. We walked from kiosk to kiosk to get the best travel deals, my Spanish improving after each interaction. I succeeded in getting both Aidan and I transportation to Bariloche – 22 hours by bus!

Argentina is famous for its cross-country transportation, but even so, I was fairly trepidatious of being on a bus for so long [whereas my van and I had driven for just as long through a snow storm. Piece of cake!]. I shouldn’t have been worried – Aidan and I soon made ourselves at home in our luxurious full “camas”. We napped (necessary after our long nights in the city), and were woken with snacks and coffee! The rest of the trip passed by fairly uneventfully, and we both managed to get some sleep [Savannah slept, I had a nightmare and took photos of her strange sleeping cocoon instead]. We were under the impression that we had to have bus tasks in order to stave off boredom and eventual insanity. Our list included charting our route for the next little while, as well as setting up a budget, writing blog posts, getting bus tattoos, meeting the loves of our lives… None of that happened – we were far off busy pressing our faces against the window and taking time lapse videos of the passing Argentinian countryside. In what seemed like no time at all, we were hopping off the bus in Bariloche, with absolutely no idea where we would be sleeping that night.

The beginning of our bus adventure!

So many cows! Or as Aidan might say, so many steaks!

Savannah’s sleeping contraption – aka the cocoon

Mmm, instant coffee

Ripping her way through the easy section


Wandering around Bariloche, trying to find a bed for the night


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